Brad Barton is a magician who reveals an audience’s inner joy

“It’s refreshing to see someone who is

so good

at what they obviously love to do.”

- Jack welsh, chairman & ceo, general electric

Whether up close or on stage, Brad engages with an audience like no other entertainer. Playful performances uplift the whole room.
It is possible to connect with the hearts and minds of an at-home audience and Barton proves it every time. Interactive live performances create smiles across your screen.
Brad creates shows that he feels need to be made. If you get a chance to catch one, you will be delighted.

“We hired Brad for DreamForce 2013. Brad worked the crowd and

amazed everyone!

He was a great way to draw attention and to earn the right to have a conversation with potential customers. I would definitely recommend him to draw attention and gather leads at an event.”

- James Rogers, CMO, OneSource

Brad Barton has performed for over 20 years for corporate clients, arts festivals, TED talks, and more. His theater shows - even online performances - sell out. His charming, laid back style of true interaction with an audience is what has earned him international success. Barton claims the greatest fans in the world - including GE’s Jack Welsh, musician Tom Waits, and Mike Gordon who exclaimed "I laughed, I gasped, and then I told friends.”

“Where the Hell is my watch?”

- Tom Waits